Another Video Dump

I am so tired. We have been working really hard to get all of the raised bed garden planted and it is now done. Still having a few irrigation issues. I think we just need a pressure reducer. I hope that is all it is. But it could be faulty connectors as well. Anyway, I made some videos this week. I find it is easier when I am super busy to make them than to sit down and find time to write. Though I do have time to write tonight…although I should really be sleeping.

Did I say the 3 Sisters Garden was started? Yeah, it is.

The gutter garden is coming along and George makes an appearance.

Gina thinks she is a duck.

The fruit crop looks to be amazing. Especially the blueberries.

Tomorrow we have to cut the meat off the bones of a bunch of old rabbit we’ve been thawing and grind it for burger. And try to fix the irrigation system. Saturday we will be butchering at least six of the 10 week old rabbits. Sunday the lady I bought Leo, Piper, and Phoebe from will be coming to buy Felix and take him home. She will also buy Serena once her kits are weaned.

While butchering will ease the current crowding in the grow out pens, it will be good to have another cage, giving us a total of 6 grow out cages. Serena’s cage will go to the doe kit we keep from her litter. The next litters only total 14 rabbits, not 18, so that will help, too. But they are not quite 4 weeks old yet, so I have a ways to go before I need to worry about them.

The pregnant does are all doing well. Serenity is back to her sweet self. She was very cranky before I bred her.

The almost 4 week olds are so beautiful. I really like the colors that came out of the last breedings. I don’t think the one I thought was solid black will stay that way, so it is doubtful we would keep any rabbit from these litters. Just the white doe kit (if there is one) of Serena’s. Any kit that baby has will be pedigreed if bred with either Starbuck or Alexander.

We are contemplating names right now for a new white doe. Serafina and Sephira are currently contenders. We want to keep the Se and an r in the names of the rabbits descended from Serenity and Serena. But I also like Savannah, which only keeps the S. I’ve thought about Serra and Seriah, too. Well, I have a while to decide, and only if any of her kits are does and have the qualities I want.

I might keep Sephira for one of Persephone’s future offspring because it has a ph in it like she does and her mother Phoebe does. Or I might tweak the spelling and do Safira as an offspring of Firefly and Wildfire since it has the fire bit to it. I don’t know. Names are such interesting creatures.


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