My Turkey is Broody

I think Gina is going broody. And while I don’t actually mind it, her timing isn’t great, since I am collecting eggs this week for a lady who wants to try hatching turkey eggs. The other problem is where she wants to nest, which is in the duck’s favorite nesting box in their coop. She’s been laying her eggs there for several days, which again wasn’t too much of a problem because the ducks have all laid by the time we let them out in the morning and Gina lays her egg around 4 or 5 in the afternoon.

But for the last few days she has been staying on that egg longer and longer. Today she went in at two o’clock and was still on the nest at 8 o’clock and when we went to shoo her out so we could put the ducks away for the night she growled. I have never heard a turkey growl before, but I have heard a chicken growl (on youtube, not in real life) when she didn’t want to get off the nest.

We bought Gina a nesting box just like the ducks’ box and put it in the turkey coop two nights ago, but so far the only ones laying eggs in there are a couple of the Barnies. My son did get her off the nest and had to carry her to the coop. He put her in that box and she stayed for a couple of minutes, but seemed confused when she didn’t have an egg under her.

I am going to try to get 2 more eggs for the lady who wants them and then if I can convince Gina to lay in her own box in the turkey coop, I will let her try to hatch some poults if she wants to. But the husband is going to have to fix the door that leads to the pen. We can’t risk a mouse or rat getting in there if she is on a nest. The gap is big enough for that, but I don’t really worry about it now, because they are up high on the roosts at night. And now that they are allowed out in the yard, they don’t need access to the pen, at least not until poults hatch. And even then we’ll have to devise a ramp or something.

If she does hatch some, we would only keep two to grow out for the holidays. After they got to about six weeks old we would sell the rest.

In other news, my mother got 4 pullet chicks.

I potted up (put into larger pots) what is left of my unplanted tomatoes and peppers. I am going to give them another week to gain some more size and then sell them. I need to separate and pot up some chard, pot up some lettuce, and take some of the excess zucchini and yellow crookneck summer squash that came up in the raised bed and put them into pots. Every single seed I planted of the zucchini and squash came up so I have quite a few I can put in the plant sale.

We got the supports strung for the tomatoes that don’t have cages last night, so that is now in place. We still have a couple leaks in the irrigation system that need to be fixed, but otherwise 7 out of 8 beds are watering fully. Hopefully once the big leak is fixed the 8th bed will be, too.

I have someone coming to buy Felix tomorrow and someone else coming to buy the refrigerated turkey eggs. We may or may not butcher some rabbits in the morning. I am having trouble with my foot again. The one where I think I may have broken a little bone about five weeks ago. I have iced it tonight and if it feels okay tomorrow we will butcher. Otherwise we will wait until Monday and I will ice it as much as possible tomorrow.

My daughter is going through some serious health issues right now. Prayer would be greatly appreciated.


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