The Growth is Explosive

I have never had a garden year like this and it is only just beginning. In the past 2 days since I made the above video all of the beans that I planted have started coming up. Everything is growing with a vengeance, it seems.

Well, except the corn, but that finally started today. But on Sunday when I did the below video I had only seen one corn seed that had sprouted.

I am now harvesting lettuce and kale daily and one of the kohlrabi is almost ready to be picked. Definitely in another couple of days.

I am going to fill up the old duck swimming pool, the one that cracked last winter, with manure and compost and soil and grow cucumbers in it. Cucumbers were something I couldn’t fit into any of the other planting spots and I want to grow some for fresh eating. I don’t need to pickle any this year as I made lots of dill pickles last year, so if it doesn’t do great, it isn’t a big deal. If it does, than I’ll make some sweet pickles for the husband. He doesn’t eat them often, but likes them as an occasional treat. I’m a dill pickle girl all the way myself, but as no one else eats them, the 12 jars or so I have will last me a long time.

All of the animals are doing well. Gina did not end up going broody, but she sure was acting like it for a day or two. Now she’s acting like she couldn’t care less about it. The ducks are needing their water refreshed throughout the day because of the heat. The chickens are under the house eaves in deep wallows of dirt. Even George is making a big wallow in the shade for himself. For the rabbits we put up the pavilion again to shade out some of the direct sunlight and a screen to keep out the flies and other biting bugs.

There is a lot more work to be done these days, but I love it. I love being able to be out working in the garden and see my happy animals.


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