What I Did Yesterday

As you can see from the photograph, I got a lot done yesterday. I canned 19 pints of chicken and I cut up and bagged the 7 rabbits we butchered earlier this week for the freezer. I really like how well the rabbits grew out on the organic feed. We will be butchering the rest of the litters of the same age in a couple of weeks. They did not hit 5 pounds at 10 weeks like this first batch.

I am glad to have canned the last of the chicken from last year, all white meat. Having it canned just really makes the white meat so much more convenient to use. I see some quesadillas and enchiladas in the immediate future. Maybe even some chicken stew as the weather has broken. I don’t like to make stew when it is hot, but it is nice when it cools off.

Our meat birds arrive on or around June 3rd, so it was also good to get the old out of the freezer for that reason as well, even though we won’t be butchering until September. I need to get ready for them. I also need to start getting ready for next 3 litters of rabbit kits that are due on the 30th. We will have a lot of babies arriving in the next two weeks.

Oh, and I used the reusable Tattler canning lids that I bought a couple months ago, finally. I only had one package of regular lids and I didn’t want to run to the store, so I kind of had to. I’ve been trying to psych myself up to use them. I’m a bit like the ducks and don’t really like change. LOL. But it was no big deal. The only thing I had to do differently was to tighten the rings when they came out of the canner. All of my lids sealed, including each of the Tattler lids I used.

I am glad to have gotten over this hurdle, because I really want to be switching to these lids, especially since the farmer’s co-op carries them and I won’t have to pay shipping. It’s cheaper than buying directly from the website, so the co-op must get some kind of major bulk deal or something. Doing the math, the Tattler lids will pay for themselves versus disposable lids in just 3 uses. Although if I had the money, I’d actually go all the way over to Weck jars and lids. Their lids are glass with rubber rings. But oh, are they expensive. They are also metric, so that would throw off every recipe I have. But I can dream. Which I really ought to try doing being as it is 1 a.m.


2 thoughts on “What I Did Yesterday

  1. So glad the tattlers worked well for you. We really like to use them as well.

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