Getting Ready for Kindling

I spent a few hours today with my son cleaning rabbit cages. We had to rotate 9 rabbits around. The 3 pregnant does are now in the top Mama cages, the 3 does with kits are now in the bottom Mama cages, and the does whose kits have been weaned for a couple weeks now are now on the wall with most of the bucks and the majority of the grow out cages. Tomorrow I will give the pregnant does their nesting boxes. They are due on Saturday or Sunday.

Ruby is the only first time mother this time around. Serenity and Phoebe are old pros at it. We will be having one red litter and two white litters, no mixed litters this time. Which is okay. I wanted to see what color of red Ruby throws before deciding if I want to mix her with one of the white bucks. The only red doe I for sure want to breed with Wildfire consistently is Firefly since they are not related, but if Ruby throws dark red I will likely continue to breed her to her father.

It’ll be a little nerve-wracking having newborns again. It always is with a first time mother, but I’ve been pretty lucky so far this year. Firefly and Luna Blue both proved to be excellent mothers. I am sure Ruby, with her sweet temperament, will be as well.

I can tell already this garden is going to be challenging to keep up with when it comes to harvesting. But that is a happy problem to have! It’s just so prolific already and that’s just the kale and lettuce!

The birds are enjoying the sunshine.

A bit of a look at the irrigation system.

I tried the chicken I canned the other day. It was great. I am very glad to have it. I am hoping to get some rabbit canned the next time we butcher, too. And maybe some hamburger. I like having hamburger canned. It makes cooking so much more convenient.


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