Man, it’s Hot

It’s not the heat that gets me so much as the humidity. I always know it is going to be a humid day when I wake up with curly hair. Well, my hair is wavy most of the time, but when I brush it, it tends to go flat. Then when it gets humid the flatness goes away and it pops over to downright curly. We haven’t had to put fans in the rabbit shed yet, but it is coming. The pavilion keeps it cool enough for now, but once we pop over 80 degrees instead of 75, there will be no putting it off.

The garden is loving the heat. There is something to harvest every day. The strawberries are turning color so I think I will be able to start harvesting them in a day or two. The front bed is planted, the potatoes are thriving, and the beans and squash will be going into the 3 Sisters Garden tomorrow.

We bred Luna Blue, Firefly, and Persephone on the night of the full moon. I don’t know whether it is an old wive’s tale or not, but with Serenity missing last time, Ruby only having 5, and Phoebe only having 1, I am willing to try it to increase litter sizes.

The gutter garden isn’t doing well. With this much heat it is drying out and I don’t have the time to keep it constantly wet. The garlic is doing okay, though.

And sadly, we lost 2 of Ruby’s kits and had to foster the rest of her litter to Phoebe. Ruby had issues with her milk coming in, I think. She’s okay with us having taken her kits away. At least, she doesn’t seem to be upset about it. And Phoebe took right to them, no problems at all.

I haven’t been feeling great this week. I don’t know if it is just bad allergies or a cold. It can be really hard to tell at this time of year. I don’t feel full on sick, just kind of run down and tired with a runny nose and the urge to sleep 20 hours a day. Maybe it is a little of both as both kids were sick this week. I made up some more flu bombs this morning and started taking those. They work pretty fast and if it’s not allergies, I want to nip this in the bud as we have a lot to do next week, starting with butchering 8 rabbits, cleaning out the rabbit shed, scrubbing every single cage, getting ready for weaning, hauling the used animal bedding off the property (the neighbors are good with the animals as long as the waste doesn’t pile up and start to smell). The rabbit manure has to be screened out of it to go into the garden. The turkey pen and the duck yard need to be shoveled out as well and hauled off. Fortunately we have some people making new garden areas for next year that will take it so we don’t have to pay dump fees.

I need to sit down and plan out next week’s meals for the eat from the pantry challenge. I’ve been videoing each dinner and when I get through the week I will edit it together and post it so you can see what I’ve been doing. We’ve done really well so far and my leftovers management is good. We’ve been eating some of the leftovers for lunches and carrying over some things, like mashed potatoes. The leftover stuffing I made this week will go into meatballs I am going to make tomorrow, since I am nearly out of panko breadcrumbs and then I will freeze them for later next week for both spaghetti and meatball sandwiches. I’d also like to make up a couple of small lasagnas for the freezer as well since I will already be making the sauce for spaghetti.

I need to make hamburger buns and hot dog buns (for meatball sandwiches) this weekend, a batch of peanut butter cookies, and some blueberry cornbread muffins. I’ll probably make the cookies and muffins today and the buns tomorrow, since I am using the bread machine this afternoon for making pizza dough for dinner.

I also need to try and get the kitchen organized once and for all. One cabinet needs to be cleaned out entirely and a bunch of the stuff that has been sitting out on the counter needs to be put away. I’ve been neglecting the inside of the house a bit while working outside so much in the garden, so I’m having to play catch up. That’s life on a farm, I suppose.


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