It’s Hard to Keep Up

I am a little bit overwhelmed right now with all that is going on. Well, not overwhelmed so much as really busy and not finding too much time to blog. But I have had my camera with me. When it is this busy it is just easier to vlog than to blog.

The gardens are going crazy.

Tomorrow I will try to update on the Eat from the Pantry Challenge, which is going very well, and on the kits and chicks and maybe my super broody turkey as well. I will try to get her hissing on camera. It is quite something.

We spent one day at a family get together in Everett and then are preparing for the daughter’s graduation and the husband’s mother had what appeared to be a stroke, but was actually Bell’s Palsy, and his uncle is going in for heart surgery, so we are kind of running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Plus we need to butcher this week.

But you know, for us personally, life is good. And I like having stuff to do on the homestead. It is the life I want and what I enjoy, even if right now it is a little crazy.


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