Dehydrating Calendula and Infusing Oils

I have had enough calendula flowers to start dehydrating the petals and to start infusing oils for eventual salve making. The process is fairly simple and it took me 6 trays worth of calendula petals to fill one pint jar. So far I’ve got two pint jars infusing in a sunny window. I used sunflower oil for one of them and olive oil for the other. After the six week infusing time is over I will then make some healing salves.

I am impatiently waiting for my comfrey to get big enough that I can dehydrate and start infusing oil with it as well. Both calendula and comfrey are supposed to be quite healing for skin ailments. Because of the cold I have right now, underneath my nose and around my nostrils are just red and cracked skin and nothing is working. And while I hope this does not last for the six weeks it takes the oil to infuse and for me to make my salve, I am hoping that in the future this stuff will help it to heal up when it happens.

It has been in the low 80’s all week and we are heading towards higher temperatures in the 90’s this weekend. We had to put more fans in the rabbit shed as the rabbits were suffering. I have put a case of water bottles in the freezer for them and will go purchase some more ceramic tiles. We don’t have enough for every cage and some of the ones we had have cracked and can’t go in. Tiles are cheap, though, if you get the plain ones (88 cents each) and they help to keep the rabbits cool.

I am a little worried about the pregnant does. They are due this weekend and of course Sunday is going to be in the 90’s. I hope they have them on Friday or Saturday before the temps spike that high. We won’t be breeding again this summer until August. Maybe not until September if August looks to be as bad as July. July is too hot for rabbits to be pregnant all month. I am having to check their water bottles a few times each day as they are drinking a lot more water in this heat.

Definitely on my list when we go looking to buy a farm is a nice shady area for the rabbits, nothing that ever gets full sun for any part of the day. Being under the trees would make a world of difference right now. So would an air conditioner, but that’s not going to happen. I am thinking about making a homemade swamp cooler though. They don’t look too difficult and I think my son and I can do it. My husband is working a week of overtime so I won’t see him until Monday, so no help there. But my son is very good at such things so hopefully we can figure it out.


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