Started canning for the Year

The meat chicks are getting bigger every day. Considering how many recalls there have been on chicken products lately I am really glad I am raising my own.

I harvested enough green beans over the past 3 days to can some. I got 4 very full pint and a half jars canned today (so 6 pints). Last year I did them in quarts, but there was always too much and it ended up kicking around in the fridge. Before quarts I did them in pints and it was never quite enough. So hopefully the pint and a half jars (like you’d get for canning asparagus) will be perfect for our needs.

I also got my first cucumber today and another zucchini (up to 6). I roasted zucchini today, but still have 3 left. I am thinking about dehydrating it. I thinned out some more radishes so the rest have room to grow. I have several peppers that are growing now. None big enough to pick yet, but maybe in another week.

I can’t believe how fast the watermelon are growing. They are visibly bigger each day. I am really looking forward to when they are ripe. Long way off still, but they will get there and then I will be rolling in them.

I am making rabbit jerky for the first time today. I really hope it turns out. The dehydrator is proving itself very useful. I hope it isn’t too spicy. I don’t think it should be, I only used 2 tbsp of chili powder in the recipe. I put my fruit leather liner on the bottom tray of the dehydrator to catch any drips from the marinade. The last thing I wanted was a big mess to clean up.

I sold 2 dozen duck eggs today. She brought her own egg cartons so it was $9 instead of $10. Someone is coming to buy turkey eggs soon, probably tomorrow. Playing message tag with them.

It got really hot again today, back in the 80’s and will be again tomorrow, but after that it’ll go back to a much more reasonable low 70’s. I hate these hot days. They are hard on the rabbits, even with fans on them.

I skipped a month of breeding already because of the heat. I was thinking about breeding on the next full moon (which will also be a blue moon), but I’m not sure. I don’t know if August will be better than June and July have been. If I wait another month it’ll be August 29th before the next full moon. Though I don’t think the litters were any bigger breeding on the full moon than not. And we had an equal number of bucks and does, just like usual, so I think the old wive’s tale is just that.


3 thoughts on “Started canning for the Year

  1. valbjerke says:

    I don’t think you’ll be too happy dehydrating zuchinni – it’s mostly water 🙂
    I make zuchinni marmalade (many recipes online) and it’s quite good. Other than that I simply grate and freeze it – then in the winter, thaw and drain it and give it to the laying hens. Someone also suggested I make zuchinni fritters – though I haven’t tried that yet.

  2. I have made dehydrated zucchini for soup and thought it was good! (Never as good as fresh though 😉 )

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