When Box Fans Attack…Or I Broke My Nose

Last Wednesday I broke my nose. And gave myself a mild concussion. It was the stupidest thing, really. I had a box under the window that I was sorting through. One of those boxes that when you are in a hurry to clean up you just throw everything into to get it out of the way and then at a later date sort through and put the stuff away. Well, I was sorting it and I must have pushed it over and caught the cord on the box fan because the next thing I know it is crashing down on my face. My glasses flew across the room and I started bleeding. I had cut the bridge of my nose and was also bleeding down my throat, which is a really hard type of nose bleed to stop when you can’t pinch your nose because of the pain.

I cried. In fact I don’t remember crying so hard since I was 33 and had my hysterectomy and a nurse screwed up on my painkiller pump and didn’t put any into my IV bag. I was able to get into the doctor the same day, but it’s a clean break and there wasn’t much they could do since it didn’t need to be reset. I go for a follow up on Thursday.

It gave me black eyes, but they weren’t too bad since I put ice on right away. I mostly looked like someone who had failed at removing smudged eyeliner for a few days and had massive bags under my eyes, like an inch long and full of fluid. And of course my nose was swollen. We got my glasses fixed the same day, but she loosened the nose pads for the swelling. I need to go back and have them tightened again now that the swelling has gone down some. It’s not completely gone, but it’s better. And my black eyes are sort of a faded greenish yellow and less baggy. With my glasses on you can’t really tell anymore.

I haven’t driven yet between the painkillers and concussion, but think I will be able to in another couple of days. I hope so, anyway, as my husband just went back up to Alaska tonight. Anyway, that’s why I haven’t blogged for a while.

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday and my son made the above cake from scratch using India Tree natural food dyes and sprinkles. I wasn’t up for baking a cake and my husband, son, and daughter went out to Korean food without me.

I am doing what I can with rabbit care and the kids are taking care of the birds completely. My husband was doing the cooking this week and my daughter is taking over now for the time being.

We have had to do a lot of canning this week, but I mostly just talked my husband through everything. Tomorrow it will be talking my kids through it. I feel like a total space cadet, but everyone is being very good with picking up the slack and Mom is pitching in some, too.

The garden is really coming on strong and I saw my first coloring tomato. We’ve had green ones for weeks, but today was the first day I saw any color on one and I am excited.

Today I dried 8 trays of basil and 1 tray of garlic. The garlic was the last of what I had from last year’s braid. We got a new braid earlier this week since my garlic crop failed. My house smells like an Italian restaurant right now.

As soon as the husband returns from work in 2 weeks we will be butchering the meat chickens. I hope I am feeling much better by then because it is going to take all five of us to do 60 birds. If we can set me up with a table and a chair I think I will do fine. It is mostly when I am standing that I get a little dizzy and unsteady. My turkey George is completely healed from his injury. His mate Gina is not currently broody. The ducks are doing well. The new laying pullets have been integrated with the laying hens.

We weaned the two foster kits off of Phoebe today. Then in a couple of days we will put Phoebe’s kit in with them, too. I sexed them today and the two reds are a boy and a girl and the white is a girl. The boy can stay with the girls for another 2 weeks but then will have to be separated. The next set of kits coming up is doing really well and growing strong. We have not lost any rabbits to the heat, thank goodness, but have a lot of fans on them to help them stay cool in our 80 and above temps.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been so quiet.

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