Carrot Harvest and Garden Updates

We had pretty good results on our Little Finger carrots and the tomato harvest continues to be very good.

After a major wind storm last week the garden is starting to recover from the damages.

The front bed and 3 sisters gardens took the brunt of the storm, though.

I was completely wiped out yesterday after butchering all those chickens on Thursday. They have been sitting in a cooler of ice water since and today we will be cutting them up into pieces and packaging them for the freezer.

I need to go out and harvest tomatoes and green beans today and then make some sauce and some salsa to can. I have canned a lot this week so far, but there is still a lot more to do. It is always quite busy in the kitchen at this time of year, but especially right now with it being such a good tomato year. My pantry shelves are filling up nicely, though I wish I had more space.

I am still waiting on my potato order from a no-spray garden place. Since our potatoes didn’t do very well this year due to how dry it was and we only filled a couple of buckets, I have been ordering some. I have done 20 pounds so far and am waiting on an order of 40 pounds of Yukon Golds. I may have to look for another source since it has been 10 days since I ordered and no results. They were slow before, but it only took 5 days. I want to make sure I have enough jars canned and I really wanted to get in a total of 80 pounds more to put me at 100 pounds of potatoes canned.

We eat a lot of potatoes through the year and I don’t like losing them to spoilage. Canning is my preferred method of storing them. I may have to go with another type of potato, too. I prefer canning the golds, but the reds and russets do okay in canning also. If I have to I will buy them from the food co-op, but that is always more expensive.

I think we may go out to a no-spray U-pick place that usually has potatoes at this time of year as well. My body is pretty messed up for U-picking, but I can manage if I don’t have to get on my bad knees. It is always cheaper than the other options.


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