The Garden is Going Nuts

I am doing a lot of preserving, almost every day at this point. I brought in 3 buckets of tomatoes today and a couple quarts of green beans. Still getting zucchini, yellow croockneck squash, zucchini, the occasional peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers. I made a big batch of salsa today, 10 pints. I also made a huge batch of bone broth I will can tomorrow from the 25 chicken breast bones. We still have to skin and roast 50 chicken feet and make bone broth with them as well. That ought to be interesting, but it really is supposed to make the richest, healthiest broth. So are chicken heads, but I’m not there yet.

We cut up all the chickens yesterday that we butchered Thursday. All of the breasts got skinned and cut up into stir-fry meat and tenders. Everything else got divided up into family-sized portions and all of it went into the freezer.

Tomorrow I will be canning spaghetti sauce, carrots, and green beans. It will be a long day in front of the stove, but my husband helps with baby-sitting the pressure canner. I want to get as much done as possible before he leaves on Tuesday night. I still have to lay down a lot when I get headaches from the concussion and the healing broken nose. They are not as bad as they were, but when they come I have to go put an ice pack on my head until they pass. I will be glad when both my brain and my nose heal, because they are really slowing me down.

I took some vegetables over to the neighbor lady today who is so good about our chickens hopping the fence into her wild backyard. We have so much right now and she is really enjoying having some of the overflow. I’ve been also giving some to my physical therapist and my chiropractor. Everyone is so appreciative it really makes me feel good. Not that I do it to feel good, but it does.

We sexed the latest batch of kits today. Out of 11 kits there are 2 girls, 1 in each litter. These were the kits that I bred on the night of the full moon, which supposedly leads to both larger litter sizes (nope) and more females (double nope). We’ll see when the next batch is born and grows up how that goes, but so far all evidence is pointing to it being a whoppingly huge, false old wive’s tale.

We took 3 buck kits from each doe and put them into their own cages. In a couple of days I will remove the remaining boys to my last empty grow out cage. We are going to try to get the 3 kits from the last batch butchered tomorrow as well, which will free up 2 more grow out cages. Probably do that first thing in the morning before we start canning. If not, the girls can stay with their mothers for a little while longer.

Serenity is still not doing very well. Despite being on her 4th day on Corid and Benebac, she is not eating anything but hay and she is only drinking about an inch out of her water bottle in a 24 hour period. She still feels okay, though. Her backbone is well-fleshed and she still comes forward in her cage to be pet when I open the door. But I am worried about her. This is the same thing that killed Piper, Lola, half of Lola’s last litter, and Sweetie Belle. I have also been giving her raspberry leaves which are good for diarrhea in rabbits. She does nibble on those a little, but not enough.

We have to keep cleaning her off and it is a messy, smelly business. If she does not get better after this course of treatment, I think we will have to put her down. I don’t want her to suffer and if she doesn’t start eating and drinking, she will starve and dehydrate to death, which is an ugly way for an animal to die. It will be very hard on me though to lose her. She is a real sweetheart.


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