The State of the Garden Part One

So as you can see from the video, the French Biointensive Organic Raised Bed Garden is doing very well. September weather is taking a bit of a toll on the foiliage, but the production continues to be quite high. I am getting several buckets full of tomatoes this week and last, and as long as the weather stays decent I don’t expect that to stop.

I’ve been treating my doe rabbit Serenity for Coccidia.

She has really turned around quite remarkably. And this morning I noticed she had finally eaten some oats and a few pellets. She’s still mostly just eating hay, chard, and raspberry leaves, but this was the first time she’d touched her feeder in a week. So I think she’s turned the corner and is going to make it. Thank goodness. It really would have been devastating to put her down.

Today I will be making more spaghetti sauce and hopefully also my first batch of calendula salve. I’ve got 3 jars of infused oil ready to be strained and then a 4th jar which will be ready on the 15th, so it really is time to get moving on this. I also hope to get my elderberry syrup started. That one is easy, it is just a matter of pouring vodka over dried elderberries and letting it sit for 6 months.

I’d also like to get another batch of flu bombs made up. I am trying to fight off the cold my son has right now. His turned into a sinus infection and I don’t want to go down right now. I’m still only at half strength because of the concussion and breaking my nose. It’s only been 5 weeks. I don’t want a really bad cold that will involve blowing my poor nose a lot as it still doesn’t feel good, plus sneezing makes the break really hurt.

I got my order of 40 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes, so those will need to be canned this weekend, probably tomorrow. And then I want to get another 40 pounds. That will give me a total of 100 pounds canned. I might do more after that, we’ll have to see.

So that is what is on the agenda. My pantry shelves are starting to fill up, which is great. I love seeing it all and having the satisfaction of knowing that there is a lot of good food ready for the fall and winter when I am less inclined to want to go grocery shopping because of foul weather. And that if I had to, I could feed my family for a few months without ever leaving the property, so long as we had water after the 3 50 gallon rain barrels rain out.


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