I’ve Been Busy Canning

April seems like the off season for canning, but it is a great time to be putting up meat for those of us who butcher year round. In the last couple weeks I have canned rabbit and made and canned rabbit bone broth. I made videos of each and will post them here in case anyone would like to learn how to do so. It’s really not terribly complicated, but if it is not something you know how to do, maybe this can help make it a little less intimidating. I know it helped me greatly to watch videos when I was first learning how to pressure can.

I also made a batch of rabbit jerky out of the abdominal flaps. I don’t recall if I ever posted my jerky video here or not, but it’s an even simpler process than canning. So it is nice to be able to put things into food storage at this time of year instead of just depleting the shelves.

I have plans to make some dandelion jelly this week. I still have some left from the last time I made it, but with all those yellow flowers poking their heads up all over the place, I couldn’t resist. I’ve got the tea made and just need to make it into the jelly. I will probably do that tomorrow.

The rabbit kits are all healthy and seem to be thriving. A couple of Bonnie’s kits were still smaller than I’d like at their age, but looked better than yesterday. We gave them an extra nursing session and they all looked great afterwards. I think maybe one more tomorrow and then they will probably be fine with just what mama does on her own. Cinnabun’s are all doing great. The smaller one yesterday looked a lot more filled out today and had a big rounded belly, so I am no longer concerned for it.

I put out inquiries today looking for a broken New Zealand red buck. I decided I wanted to replace Wildfire and I should get solids out of him as well. If I can’t get a hold of one here then I will try for a broken black. If nothing else, the husband and I can make a trip to the farm where we got Wildfire from originally. They have both types of broken NZ’s there.


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