Recipes from my Homestead Kitchen

When I first started raising rabbits, one of the hardest things for me was finding recipes I liked to cook them.  I mean, we couldn’t have Southern Fried Rabbit all the time, though my daughter might beg to differ.  Some recipes I found were so extraordinarily complicated that I knew I’d maybe make them once and never make them again.

Slowly over the last three years I have developed my own recipes to my family’s tastes.  A lot of them involve ground rabbit or canned rabbit, but I have been focusing on cut up pieces with the bone still in the last couple of months.  I have definitely hit on a few winners.  Here are two I have made this month and will be making again and again.  Both are very simple crockpot recipes and can easily be pre-assembled into a Ziploc bag and frozen for future meals.  This would come in very handy if my husband or my children needed to start something while I was out.  I don’t find it hard to pour and measure and put it all together, but I find when it comes to my family, the easier I can make it for them, the better.


Don’t raise rabbits?  This works great with chicken as well, especially home-raised.  Even with tougher, older birds, the slow cooking process will make them tender and falling off the bone delicious.  I hope you all enjoy and have a lovely day.


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