Rabbit Update

We weaned Ella’s male kits 3 days ago. I don’t generally like to wait this late, but I wasn’t doing well enough to go out there and so DH and DS have been on rabbit duty. Since I am the only one who knows how to sex the rabbits (which is what they call determining their genders), it didn’t get done sooner. I finally dragged myself out there and got it done, because if I waited too much longer there could be a small chance that one of the males could have impregnated Ella.

There turned out to be 3 boys and 3 girls. 2 of the boys are broken blacks and one is a solid black. Two of the girls are broken blacks and one is the lightly broken fawn (light red). One of the female brokens has promising coloring so I may keep her and breed her back to Zander to try to strengthen both spots and coloring. I might not though. Persephone’s kits (above) are coming up and if the right one of them is female she’ll have better coloring and spots.

I haven’t been posting here much despite a determination to be better at it. It’s been hard since my fall in November, but I am really starting to get back on my feet again. It’s slow going and I still have pain, but I’m able to do a lot more. Not like before, but hopefully in another month I will be able to take over all of my chores again.


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